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Check out these decent coffee substitutes!

Coffee alternativesMost of us are used to start the day with a cup of coffee. Without this ritual hours pass somehow sluggish, halfhearted and spiritless. Is this discomfort caused by caffeine withdrawal or just confusion of our daily rhythm? It is difficult to say. The fact is that the habit seems to be much stronger than physical dependence. So if for any reason you should avoid caffeine (eg pregnancy or disease), see how you can replace this refreshing drink: Read more

7 Extra Special Cleaning Hacks You Should Not Miss In Your Housekeeping Job!

7 cleaning tips and tricks you must knowHousekeeping job is a harsh job and if you are not harmed with the techniques and methods that will simplify it, you might never succeed to live in a healthy and neat domestic space. Thankfully, we are here to give you some really cool pieces of advice that will reduce your sanitising time and will get the best purity results ever! Read more

What are the main features of effective leaders?

How to recognize the effective  leaderLeaders are actually very complex persons. The leader must be naturally credible. He motivates his followers. First of all these people see a need, injustice or something that is important and needs to be changed for the better. As Martin Luther King saw the need for equality between black and white, the need for equal rights and the elimination of racism in America. Learn more about the characteristics of the leaders: Read more

10 Chinese rules for proper nutrition

Chinese healthy eating rulesYou have heard about feng shui, right? This ancient Chinese art is so «imposed» lately, that more and more people are turning to it, ordering the furniture at home or even trying to stabilize their career. In fact the idea of ​​living in a harmonious atmosphere is not bad at all. And sometimes, for this to happen, you must first find harmony in yourself and in your own body and soul. Lately a lot of people argue that Feng Shui is their faithful helper in the fight against excess weight. So we decided to share with you some Chinese rules about how to eat. Read more

Can you move out without breaking up?

Can you move out without breaking upThe dilemma about moving in together is similar to whether we can back up a little while actually living together. The thrill of having to share the every day, every second with your beloved one can be a little frightening. Is stepping backwards a good or bad idea and can it affect the relationship. There is no single answer to that complex question. However there are few options. Read more

How to cope with the post holiday mess?

How to cope with the post holiday messWinter holidays are over, but traces of the celebration are everywhere in your sweet home. A pyramid of dishes is waiting for you in the kitchen. Lots of stains cover the carpet, the surfaces and kitchen appliances. Despite all these spots and remains, everyone had way too much fun, right? Don’t worry for the bad hygienic condition of your dwelling, but read the tips here below: Read more

Buying Feng Shui home items guide

Buying Feng Shui home items guideOne of the most common home arrangement and decoration approaches is called Feng Shui. But here`s one more fact about it – Feng Shui is a great idea to improve your home, too. So, even if your living space is already finished, furnished and adorned, there`s always place for a little bit of Feng Shui. You can do it with few items even. According to Feng Shui even one single thing in a room can fully change it. So the thing is what things you buy. In order to avoid mistakes and have the best Feng Shui purchase, we are ready to help. We present you our buying Feng Shui home items guide: Read more

9 mandatory questions during a property view

Property viewBefore going on a property view, consider what you look for and what you are ready to pay for. The estate agents are always so polite to explain you all of the renting details. On the other side, being deluded, confused or deceived is very easy! Do not let this happen to you, because you rent a place to live in after all. See the 9 mandatory questions during a property view. Mention them in any property examining case: Read more

Decorating with graphite grey

Decorating with graphite grey

Graphite grey doesn’t mean boredom, just forget about that word! Thanks to that colour, your house will look more stylish and elegant than ever. What is more, it is particularly trendy this autumn! Here are some ideas on how to include graphite grey in your house decor: Read more

7 unexpected uses of drinking straws

7 unexpected uses of drinking strawsHave you ever thought about any additional uses of straws, besides drinking? These seemingly ordinary household items may come in handy in various situations. Just use your imagination! Take a look at our ideas:

  1. Stem Firmer – when you prepare a bouquet of flowers, you can make the blooms more stable by adding soft stems, like tulips. Before you place them in a vase, you should insert the stems into a wide straw; Read more

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