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Speed-clean your big bookcase

Clean your bookcaseIs there a way to clean and remove all the clutter and dust on your bookcase…in 15 minutes or less? Yes, definitely yes! Time is valuable, we know it. That’s why we recommend you to save some and try out what we have prepared for you. You will need: an old sheet, an apron with pockets, a Swiffer duster (with an extendable handle), silica-gel packets, a hair dryer, an Alvin dry-cleaning pad, a step stool and an extension cord. Here are the steps for you to follow:

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Mother’s Day Ideas for Kids

Mother's Day Ideas for KidsEven though being determined as a World Woman’s Day, 30th March is mostly and actually the big day of the Mother.

The commercialising of this holiday is not that bad, because any single lady may feel special and loved on this day. Though, the one, who really deserves the attention on 30th March is actually the kind, generous, loving and good Mom. Read more

How to stop the mess in your personal wardrobe?

Mess in the wardrobeThe excuse that you are a woman does not justify your messy wardrobe! Maybe, the reason why you always claim that you do not have any clothes, is actually the chaos. It is also possible that finding the most suitable outfit for a particular occasion becomes a huge difficulty for you.

The messy wardrobe is guilty again. Well, the real guilty one is actually you. Though, how to stop the mess in the wardrobe? Find out right away: Read more

Saint Valentine’s day ideas – how to surprise him

Valentine’s Day SurpriseIf you try to go beyond the today’s commercial idea of the Saint Valentine’s day, you will realise that this holiday is something more than getting drunk on double date, eating chocolate candies till midnight in front of the TV box or making your boyfriend to take you out to the most expensive restaurant. The truth is that Saint Valentine’s day has really returned into a too banal holiday. Read more

Natural tricks to remove the ants from your home

Remove ants from homeMaintaining your living environment clean, lovely and fresh is a harsh task to accomplish. Moreover, such a mission is difficult, because it consists of several obligations you have and they are not exactly closely connected with some purges on daily business and deeper disinfection once in a while. Read more

Business etiquette – 7 rules for being a perfect employee

Business meeting etiquetteNowadays, there is a kind of tendency at the workplace – colleagues become your friends, you get used to the daily presence of your boss. And after all, your behavior at work isn’t so different than the one in your personal life.

Of course, it’s not bad to get along well with people. But there is still something, called business etiquette. Don’t forget it! Good manners in business communication improve your image and “open doors” to success. This is highly important for some situations – like a business meeting or a presentation. So you must make a good impression! Read more

Make your home live with the art of “Papier-mache”

art of “Papier-mache”Papier – mache is a technique whereby you make new items with cheap materials. Generally the technique consists of sticking pieces of paper on various objects. The glue that you use is a mixture of flour and water. After gluing pieces of paper over the entire surface of the object, let it dry. Move the dry figure from the object and paint it with different decorations.

The art of “Papier – mache” comes from French and literally means chewed paper. In Ancient Egypt, papier-mache was used to make coffins and death masks. Read more

Preparation for school – funny and exciting

Preparation for schoolSummer is about to be gone and holidays, vacations and days-off will come to an end, as well. Adults go back to the office, while kids must prepare for going back to school. That’s the way it is and that is a constant circle. With a bit of nostalgia and summertime sadness, though, you will have to manage the preparation for school in your own home, too! Make it funnier and more exciting, so your kids may skip the bad mood part! Check out some ideas for preparing your kid and your home for the autumn and for the beginning of the schools season: Read more

How to reduce payments in end of tenancy cleaning

Reduce payments in end of tenancy cleaningWhen you end up with your tenancy life or the lease deadline is close, a big removal expects you. However, finding a new place to stay in isn’t the only expense that will cumber you. Several other duties and tasks will try to empty your budget.

In case you don’t want your end of lease to end with you gone into liquidation, you should make some savings. Read more

And the dirtiest place at home is…

The dirties place at homeThe toilet has always had the reputation as the dirtiest place in every average home, no matter how often we clean it. However a new research brings new light for this fact and the truth is… there are far dirtier places. Some of them we would never suspect they are.

Dr. Chuck Gerba – a Professor of Microbiology at the University of Arizona takes the research in his hands, investigating how the diseases are transmitted in the environment. Moreover – he makes a calculation how many and what kind of bacteria inhabit most of our household. Read more

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