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Ideas For Carpet Cleaning With Materials At Hand!

Carpet cleaning ideasEco-friendly homes require eco-friendly purges and detergents. If you really want a fresh and green domestic space, then you need to learn all those rules and tips for achieving the toxic-free environment you want to live in. Though, bear in mind that if you follow the eco-friendly idea in your housekeeping, you need to apply it in every chore of yours and every single element of the interior must be also cleaned with green products. Thankfully, most of the ingredients you have in your own kitchen can actually do the entire dirty job, too! Speaking of all of these, we have come upon to this fantastic bunch of helpful ideas for carpet cleaning London with materials at hand. Read more

How to deal with your tyrannical boss?

Tyrannical bossDo you have the misfortune to work with tyrannical boss? He ruthlessly humiliates you, anywhere, with or without occasion. He keeps his subordinates in fear and intimidates just by looking. You are wondering what to do? It is time for decisive action, so follow our tips: Read more

Electric toothbrush – a luxury or necessity?

The benefits of using electric toothbrushWhat do you think about electric toothbrush? Have you ever tried one? Well, there are various opinions, some people like it, others not. Read the rows below and find out what to pay attention to if you decide to make such a purchase: Read more

There are different types of hunger – check them out!

There are different types of hungerAre you feeling hungry? Usually, when we reach the end point of starvation, in which our belly scrapes so that it makes us sick, we are ready to eat a whole elephant! Or at least food equal to that weight! Let’s put the joking aside. Each extremity brings its big damage. Abuse of harmful ingredients and calories leads to nothing good. Overuse of healthy products will not keep your figure either. People tend to turn to food in many different moments. In order to stay with slender figure or to be able to fit into your old jeans, see which types of hunger you must overcome! Do not give in! Read more

6 cancer-fighting foods to include in your menu

6 cancer-fighting foodsAre you aware that what you eat for dinner influences on how you feel 15 minutes later? In addition, it can make a difference in the long run too. It’s scientifically proven that consuming more vegetables, fruits and whole grains is a great plan for cancer prevention. Besides, there are some foods which provide extra protection. Check out our smart checklist of 6 cancer-fighting items to add to your shopping cart: Read more

The challenge of the fabulous Christmas Pudding Race

The challenge of the fabulous Christmas Pudding RaceYou long for real fun and a joyous spectacle? You are tired from Christmas decorations, cooking and baking? Then London’s yearly astonishing Christmas pudding race is exactly what you need. This year the show comes back to Covent Garden on 6th December and promises lots of laughing and excitement. Grab your winter coat and go! Your direction is Covent Garden, you already know that! These are some of the features of this awesome performance, check them out: Read more

Autumn colour combinations for the interior

Autumn colour combinations for the interiorThe typical autumn colours are soothing and nice. That is why they are the ideal choice for your home interior. See which colour combinations are most suitable for that time of the year:

  • Brown and yellow – there is hardly another colour combination that reminds so much of the autumn landscape. The combination of brown and yellow calms down and at the same time ‘charges’ you with positive energy. In addition, depending on the nuances of the two colours, you can use the combination during the whole year; Read more

How to convince your boss to use office professional services?

Office professional servicesTired of watching the nasty mess in your office? Grambling with your office fellow about the greasy stains in the break room at lunch? Isn’t it high time for your office building to book an expert treatment for hygiene improvement? Well, you might quite agree with such a social acquisition for the working environment, but what about your boss? Is he willing to pay some extra money for the sake of his own employments? Probably not and this is the general situation. However there are simple and tricky ways that might help you to convince your boss to use professional cleaning services. Get familiar with them: Read more

How to choose dining chairs?

Dining chairsIf you believe that chairs are not an important detail in your dining room, we will disprove you now. There are plenty of things that you must consider when choosing those chairs. Prepare a list with criteria and keep in mind the words: comfortable and ergonomic. Here is what we mean behind them:

  • The dining chairs must be designed in accordance with the natural body position;

  • It is important for the chairs to be sufficiently stable;

  • Armrests (if any) must be comfortable – not too low or too high;

  • The height of the chairs has to match the height of the table and the people who will use them (think about separate chairs for the kids, for example). Read more

With or without carpet in your office?

Carpet in the officeHow many of you hear your steps on the tile floor every time you need to work something out at the other end of the room? And how many of you have slipped in a wet spot on the tessellation cover? We all have at some time or another. Flat and smooth floors, at home as well as in the offices, are very easy to maintain. They are easy to clean, they dry quickly after the damp mop and they do not wear out if you step on with shoes. This makes them quite a preferable choice. Read more

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