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Habits to adopt that will make the cleaning easier – Part 2

Cleaning habitsThere are a lot of great ideas that can help you to minimise the efforts you put in regular domestic cleaning, but not all of them will suit you. This does not mean that you have to give up – try a few things and decide which ones will be the most useful for you, your home and your lifestyle. Here are some more tips that you may want to turn into habits:

  1. Using the rubber gloves as a pet hair removal. It seems that rubber gloves are not great just for protecting your hands from the hard water and harsh cleaning products. Read more

Habits to adopt that will make the cleaning easier – Part 1

Home cleaning habitsIt’s easy to find an excuse not to do the cleaning – you can be too tired from a long day; you have to finish some project for work; you have an evening meeting that you can’t cancel, etc. However, using such excuses for too long can be dangerous. You can end up needing to take a week off in order to sanitise everything and put everything in the house into order.

A simple way to avoid such a scenario is to adopt a few simple habits. They will help you greatly in maintaining a decent appearance for your home. Read more

Carpet cleaning mistakes – Part 2

Carpet cleaning mistakes - Part 2Let’s continue with the typical carpet cleaning mistakes! Unfortunately, this subject is too huge, so you should better keep informing yourself about the things you shouldn’t do or cause to your carpets at home! As you know, sometimes, the worst case is a better example! Concentrate now and read the next noisome and catastrophic mistakes in carpet sanitising! If you need to, write them down and never think about doing them anymore. Get ready for carpet cleaning mistakes – part 2: Read more

Carpet cleaning mistakes – Part 1

Carpet cleaning mistakesCleaning at home is a part of your life at home! Whether you do it constantly and diligently by making some daily cleaning chores or by following a cleaning scheme on a weekly basis, sanitising is mandatory! Preserving home hygiene and providing a healthy living environment for the entire family is your duty! There is actually no way for you to escape and to avoid it, because it concerns you and your health, too!

Carpet cleaning, for example, comes as a very serious and substantial episode in domestic cleaning and deep house disinfection. Read more

Fresh ideas – flowers in the bathroom

Flowers in the bathroomWhy don’t you transfer the spring in the bathroom and decorate it with flowers and green plants?

Usually, the bathroom is not a room where we put flowers. The main problem there is the high level of humidity and the lack of sunlight. Usually, there is not enough space, too.

But, with good organization and with an appropriate choice of plants we can create our little green paradise in the bathroom. All you need to do is choose flowers that are not too demanding. Read more

Baby on the way – get the room prepared

Baby on the wayFor every parents, the baby is the king or queen at home! As such – the baby deserves the best room, the best decoration, the best care possible.

Everyone wants to make the baby’s room cosy, here are some ideas:

First of all, you need to choose the colour for the nursery. Do not tend to choose the most popular colours as – blue for a boy, pink for a girl. Read more

Attention in the bathroom during the End of Tenancy Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning during end of tenancy cleaningEnd of Tenancy Cleaning demands a sophisticated approach. It is not only about being polite to your previous host by returning the property reputable and immaculate – the way you got it in the beginning.

It is also about returning your tenancy deposit and put an end to the tenant relationship with good manners.

So, that is why, you have to be extremely attentive during the End of tenancy refreshment operation. Make sure, that not even a single stain remains behind you and try to polish the surfaces perfectly and vigorously! Read more

Vinegar – good not only for the salad!

Vinegar can be used in a lot more activities at home, not only in cooking. Here are some of its most common uses in the household:

1. Disinfect fruits and vegetables using a clean towel with some vinegar drops on it.
2. Use vinegar to clean stubborn grease on the cooking pan. It helps to dissolve the grease marks and leaves the cooking pan shining.
3. Use vinegar to remove unpleasant odors at home. Along with removing the smell, vinegar also helps to kill the bacteria living in the fridge, the microwave and the kitchen cupboards. Mix equal amount of water and vinegar and wipe the insides of the appliances. Use that to clean the box where you keep bread, too. Disinfect all the surfaces in the kitchen. Read more

Moving into a new place? – some useful cleaning tips

Moving Into A New PlaceYou’re at a stage of your life when you are a student moving from one place to another.

The reason might be that you are looking for a more comfortable and a better – furnished apartment or one of your roommates moved out and you can not afford to pay the rent anymore.

The list of reasons is too long, but the important thing here is not how many times you have moved in and out, or how to rent an apartment, but how to clean your new place properly ? Read more

Very practical tips for home cleaning

Practical home cleaning tipsPlastic furniture

Plastic furniture and its parts that are made of aluminium and steel can be cleaned with microfibre cloth soaked in soapy water.

To keep it in good shape, you can use a silicone spray on it every once in a while. It’s an universal lubricant for maintenance and protection of any product made of plastic, rubber, metal or wood.

Teak wood furniture

Teak furniture is very practical, but it easily looses its colour and gets dull. Scrub it carefully with soapy water, then damp wipe it with liquid detergent for wooden furniture. Read more

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