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Mistakes we do when we move in

Mistakes by moving inThe moment is coming; probably you have waited for it with a little fear and anticipation. Here it is – it’s time to move out from your old home and move in into the new one. Even the greatest organisers have issues so we will take a look at some of the mistakes we all do when we move from here to there. Read more

The Taste of London event

The Taste of LondonThe most delicious al fresco festival is about to be established in London once again! Come and join us in the Taste of London event. Get a nice company with you, because a meal is always nicer with friends, relatives or with the family. Garment tastes will fascinate you by all means. Plus – attending to this great culinary fest will bring some positive emotions and sweetness in the hot June days. So, are you ready for the Taste of London stunning event? See more details about it and start making plans over it right now: Read more

Little cleaning gadgets for hard to reach places – part 2

Cleaning gadgets for hard to reach placesDuring the domestic cleaning, you often can not reach some places in your home. If you want a basic and deep tidying of your lodging, it often requires moving the furniture. This requires time and efforts.

Save yourself all this tension using small, compact and clever gadgets for cleaning hard to reach places. Read more

Little cleaning gadgets for hard to reach places – part 1

Gleaning gadgets for hard to reach placesDomestic cleaning often requires to tidy areas that are hard to reach – behind the closet, blinds, chandeliers and etc. It’s not necessary to be the rubber woman to clean your house. However, with the cleaning should not be made a compromise. That’s why the market offers several contemporary cunning attributes for cleaning hard to reach places. Most cleaning accessories are based on modern microfiber fabric, whose porous structure absorbs water quickly and cleans surfaces well. Read more

5 wonderful suggestions for home spring plants

Home spring plantsSpring is a good occasion to refresh your living environment. The sunlight, the arrival of the new life of the nature and the amazing weather are great inspirations for some little addition for your house decoration. And aren’t the real flowers the best ideas for some spring ornamenting of the living space? Read more

Let’s polish silver at home – brilliant ideas!

Polishing silver at home - brilliant ideasIt may sound as a truly scary and risky task, but polishing silver is actually truly easy! All you need is to know the right technique and the most appropriate approach into your personal silver belonging refreshment. We would like to stop your panic, when it comes to silver washing! That is why we give you a couple of brilliant ideas that will end your silver polishing delay! So – let’s polish the silver at home in no time! Read more

How to discourage burglars

How to discourage burglarsBurglars always seek a home, which is an easy target. This threat is real. We give you some tips you can follow in order to prevent your place from burglaries.

Check them out:

  • Perform your routine tasks, do your domestic cleaning outside your property. It shows that you are occupying your home; Read more

Yoga – best sport for housekeepers

Yoga tipsYoga isn’t a traditional sport such as gym exercises, fitness trainings or even something more serious for keeping yourself in shape – football, basketball, swimming or dancing! Yoga returns the wellness to both – your body and your mind!

Experts, who are extremely keen on yoga and masters in preventing bad moods, bad health condition and bad lifestyle, say that yoga brings the balance to human life in various aspects! Read more

Best Christmas movies for your family

Best Christmas moviesChristmas – this is the most magical time of the year. When the winter is already here, the best decision for you is to stay at home. Good company, a warm drink and a nice movie – this is a true winter holiday, isn’t it?

We have selected for you some of the best Christmas movies ever made. Here they are Read more

A winter garden – fresh idea for the cold days

Home winter gardenIf you own a beautiful house with a yard, but the cold weather does not allow you to enjoy the beautiful green colours, the winter garden is a good alternative for you. Nowadays the conservatory is a building that is designed with modern equipment, various materials and new technologies. Winter garden is a complex architectural project that catches everyone’s eyes.

Conservatory incorporates several key elements: vertical glazing, transparent roof, and opening parts: windows and doors. Each element of the conservatory is made of a special material. Read more

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