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Anorexia – worrisome symptoms

Symptoms of anorexia“Anorexic” in Greek literally means loss of appetite. The name does not accurately reflect the nature of the disease. Leading in this case is not a lack of appetite, but desire to achieve a perfection, no matter how horrific it seems in the eyes of others. There are a few typical deviations in behavior that are a clear signal for problem. Read more

All about mopping your floor

All yoy have to know about moppingMaybe you see mopping as a boring daily occurrence. But if you want to be an effective mopper, we have prepared something for you: Read more

Benefits of maple syrup

Maple syrop - healthy benefitsMaple syrup is very famous in the US and Canada. For some people – wonderful addition to their morning pancakes for others – tool for weight loss. They claim it’s powerful and highly therapeutic. These properties have been known to the Indians in the early 18th century. Read more

Emotional eating as a health problem

Emotional eating as a health problemFood often becomes misplaced medicine for mental problems. But even if eating is really able to cure your psyche, it has a number of adverse side effects affecting your health in general. There is a huge difference between eating when you’re hungry and nutrition, dictated by emotions. The first is a natural need and the other is a sign of a problem. And it is very important to be able to recognise if there is a problem with regard to the reasons that make you reaching for food. This way you will control the excesses of food, which leads to health problems. Learn more on this topic: Read more

How to organise a “Secret Santa” in the office?

How to organise a “Secret Santa” in the office?If you work in an office, perhaps you will be glad to organise a symbolic gift giving for the upcoming Christmas holidays. You spend the whole day in the office with your colleagues, so it will be great to organise the so called “Secret Santa” game and to exchange some little presents. Check out how to do it the best possible way: Read more

Winter sports in the living room

Winter sports in the living roomWinter can be very exciting time, especially if you have children that want to go to play when it’s snowing outside. How to keep them inside? It’s a hard task but there are some ways in which you can make staying home both entertaining and furniture saving. Check them out: Read more

Interior doors buying guide

Interior doorsInterior doors are essential. They are as important as the front door is. No matter how little its protective function is, it has many others. Doors give privacy and intimacy. Besides, the more solid a door is, the better the isolation in each room will become. And what about the aesthetic part? An ugly door might ruin the entire interior design. And we know you do not want this to happen. Whether, you move into a brand new empty house, or you just want to renovate your present one, the following interior doors buying guide will be quite useful for you. Check it out right away: Read more

Tips for finding the most reliable repair masters

Finding the most reliable repair mastersWhether you need some simple faucet fixing or an entire home renovation, getting a reliable master for repairs is essential. There are numerous professional home improvement companies across the entire UK. The question, though, is which to choose and who to charge with your own home redecoration, rebuilding or repairing mission! See our tips for finding the most reliable repair master and learn the basic rules. With them you might be tranquil for your house and optimistic for your home improvement plans to be fulfilled: Read more

Purple accents in the living room

Purple accents in the living roomPurple is an ideal colour for the design of the living room. It incorporates great official furnishings and traditional elements. Perfect colours for combination with purple are white, black and grey. Black is not appropriate for the living room, so better focus on white and grey. Here are our advices:

  • Walls

We want some purple accents, not to make the entire place purple. That’s why the wall should not be painted in that colour. Grey is a good decision as a wall colour. Do you insist on purple on the walls? If so, you can get wallpapers with purple patterns. Wallpapers are preferred for making such changes. Read more

The first smart cooking devices

The first smart cooking devicesEverything has started with the smartphone. Then, smart TVs and smart cars have appeared. Thus, the smart industry has made such a huge success that soon, our life will become not only smarter, but also better, simpler and more joyful! Smart industry and amazing technology innovations have made approach into domestic life, too. And today, with so many happy housekeepers, who can finally relax from the tough household maintenance job, we can finally welcome the first smart cooking device. Want to meet them? Let’s do it together: Read more

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