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9 Unexpected Uses of Oatmeal

Unusual uses of oatmeal

Oatmeal is a key ingredient in many delicious dishes not to mention that oatmeal itself is a breakfast that will do miracles for your digestive system if you eat it regularly. However, did you know that oats can help you solve some household struggles and health issues? Below you will find some unexpected uses of oatmeal that can make your life easier! Check them out: Read more

How to achieve amazing Zen decor – smart tips

How-to-achieve-amazing-Zen-decorZen doctrine lies at the foundation of Buddhist philosophy of self-knowledge. Zen seeks for balance in all its forms. It teaches enlightenment and unity of the person with the outside world. You may also create your Zen home interior of balanced life. Everything in nature is based on harmony. Therefore, consciously or subconsciously, each of us strives for this harmony. We strive to achieve good balance between work and home, between career and family, between commitments and rest and equilibrium in our environment. We want to be closer to nature and to create an inside piece that fits the overall harmonic scheme. For this purpose, Eastern philosophy and Zen doctrine are here to help us. Zen preaches self-knowledge through meditation, action and songs. Read more

6 items to simplify your life

Cool gadgets for your home

Nowadays, whenever you go into a store, you feel confused at the incredible variety of gadgets on offer. Actually, many people do not know the application of most of them but they curiously read the labels and smile when they found something they need but they didn’t know it existed. In case you are interested in items that can help you make your life easier, you will probably be delighted to get familiar with those below: Read more

How to keep your cat busy when it’s home-alone

When the cat is home-alone...

Having a furry friend indoors is always a challenge. The most common questions are: “Is it reasonable to leave my cat home-alone all day while nobody’s there” and “What can I do to make my cat busy” These are very good questions because although cats need much less attention as compared to dogs, they can sometimes make a mess while you’re out. Well, some cat toys may help in the situation. Here are several ideas you can use. Read more

How to care for the houseplants in winter conditions

Cares for houseplants in winter

Cares for indoor plants during the winter months are different compared to other seasons in the year, because the sun’s not shining so actively. In spring and summer, plants grow more visibly, while in the winter because of the rare meetings with sun, houseplants slow down their growth and development. During the winter months, you should water the plants less. Also you should not have to fertilize them often or to plant them out. Here are more tips: Read more

How to avoid unhealthy foods when dining out

Dining out - can it be healthy?

For many of us, home made food is a luxury. With our busy lifestyle, there is not enough time to cook your own healthy meal and that’s why we often eat out. Some people dine out once a week, while others visit a restaurant every day. Most of the meals found in the menu of the restaurants contain unhealthy ingredients and chemicals that we should avoid. Here is a simple guide on how to keep away from these unhealthy foods. Read more

Survive without air conditioner

Alternative methods to cool and heat your homeToday people cannot believe that there are other people around the world that live without air conditioners. They have turned in such a vital necessity that every power break in the summer or in the winter makes us fall into desperation. What alterations to make in order to abandon the air conditioner? Read more

What happens to your body when you do not drink enough water

What happens to your body when you do not drink enough water
Everybody knows that human body is made of 2/3 or 66% of water. An average adult should consume at least 2 litres of water a day. However in a hot day or if you exercise and sweat a lot, you need to replenish the liquids you have lost during your physical activities. At the same time, many people believe that you can satisfy your thirst with consumption of sugary drinks. Soft drinks satisfy your thirst for a few minutes and then you will feel even more dehydrated and not to mention that a high sugar dosage spikes your insulin. Here are some more reasons why you should start consuming more water. Read more

5 tips for increasing your positivity

Be positive

Do you feel like you are missing all positivism in your life? If you do, that’s a really bad sign of depression which can lead to more serious conditions. Lack of positivity may also affect your self-esteem and affirmation. One of the best ways to increase your positivity levels is by reading a good book, audio program and have a conversation with other positive people. Here are some useful tips on how to increase your positivity. Read more

What to cook in summer

Fast and easy summer recipesThe long-awaited summer is finally here and in this article, we will show you two recipes that have an excellent effect on your body during the hot summer days. When it is hot, you need to eat something light and avoid greasy pork chops. When you are eating meals rich in fat, you will have your heart rate considerably increased. In combination with the hot weather, this will make you feel even more uncomfortably. That is why you should check out these healthy recipes for the summer days. Read more

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