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How to optimise your budget – a “diet” for the wallet

Optimise your budget What usually happens when you start to accumulate extra weight? Diet? – Probably yes.

It is the same with personal and/or family finances. If you have a lot of loans, low income and etc. you need to regain your good financial form.

You’d better do it quickly. Or in other words – you need a financial diet. But don’t worry! You can optimise your budget with a few simple rules: Read more

Fashion week in London 2013

 Fashion week in London 2013Fashion week in London has been considered as one of the most solemn, elegant and brilliant events in UK. It exposes posh designing ideas for out wear and it puts the newest standards for beauty and style! Fashion week in London is a high profile fashion event, where glamour and charm come together to give you the joy of learning the most modern features for the upcoming dressing season. Read more

Laundry tips for domestic cleaning at home

Doing the laundryThere are plenty of cleaning activities we recommend you to include in your daily cleaning schedule. Cleaning tasks such as sanitising the furniture, cleaning the upholstery, floor disinfection and changing the bed linens are both – important and regular, when it comes to home hygiene preservation. Read more

100% satisfaction after End of Tenancy Cleaning

100% satisfaction after End of Tenancy CleaningEnd of Tenancy Cleaning is a deep, top-to-bottom, and precise cleaning procedure that includes all of the premises. This type of cleaning has some special accents – such as the kitchen, the bathroom and the area around the bed. On the other hand, End of Tenancy Cleaning is not a standard Cleaning operation such as the On off Cleaning or Spring Cleaning (or even any other Seasonal Cleaning). Read more

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