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Nuts you shouldn’t eat

Don't eat these nutsEvery nut is nutritional powerhouse with the size of a bite. Minerals, proteins, vitamins and vital oils are what makes nuts such a precious part of the healthy nutrition. Despite all this praising nuts can be bad friends in some conditions: Read more

Fridge in the office – instructions for use

How to use office fridgeMany offices these days offer the convenience of the refrigerator. It’s very useful, because employees may bring some home made food. However, there are some rules, which must be followed when you use this kitchen appliance: Read more

How to wake up the child in yourself?

Save the child in youDo you remember your carefree and funny childhood full of wonderful stories and adventures? It would be much better if we allow in our lives to experience some moments in which to remember how it felt when we were kids. Here is what the kid in us tells us: Read more

Cleaning hints for beginners

How to clean it -advicesHome cleaning is a necessity in  our daily routine. However, it does not really have to be a torture for us, right? If you are equipped with the right tools and liquids, you will have it all under control. In case you are a beginner, check out our hints: Read more

What does chaos at home mean?

What does chaos at home mean? Each room in our house has its symbolic meaning which influences our subconscious. Chaos and dirtiness in each premise cause inaction and stagnation in a particular aspect of our lives. In what exactly you will find in our article. Read carefully the lines below and make your conclusion for your own home: Read more

See these 3 hacks for equilibrating your mood changes

How to control mood swingsAre you familiar with extreme mood swings? Everybody has probably experienced them. It’s very unpleasant neither for you, nor for the people around you. Actually, if you make some efforts, you can pass through these mood changes easily. Read carefully our list of 3 essential hacks, that will help you to balance your extreme mood twirls and make your life much smoother: Read more

Tips for single homebuyers

Tips for single homebuyersBuying a home is more than buying a car, similar to getting married and probably the same as deciding changing your job sphere. This is a super complex process, which takes courage, confidence and, of course, brain. When a couple buys home, they are more certain about their actions. It’s just because each of them has found approval and support in the other one. It takes much more luck, if you are buying the house on your own. With these tips for single homebuyers, though, you will muster courage, too: Read more

Superb winter ideas for decorating your garden fence

Decorating the garden fenceThe garden fence is usually boring, dull and sometimes even plain. Even if you keep it decent, fresh and cleaned, it is not enough to boast with a stylish home garden or a patio. You can do much more to increase the artistic potential of your garden fence by adding some creative ornaments and charming additions. Inspire yourself to do so by checking out the following superb winter ideas for decorating your garden fence: Read more

Hollywood Regency Style – learn more and decide

Hollywood Regency StyleThe style was developed during the middle of the last century. At that time Hollywood filmmaking has been growing more and more. Thousands of people were involved in the industry. Films took long to be made and people devoted their entire lives to the industry. Actors had to live next to the stage, where they work. This created the need for a new style of living. And this style, is the regency style. Here are some interesting facts: Read more

Summer holidays are over – meet the new school year with a smile

Summer memoriesIt’s the end of the summer again. Parents and children are getting back from countryside, abroad or from another city where they have visited the relatives. It is the moment when you do the recapitulation of all the memories and adventures that have happened and this makes you live them once again with all the details and emotions. Do you look at the pictures and the collected sea shells with a bit of nostalgia? Read more

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