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9 surprising uses of rice you should totally try!

Smart uses of rice you have to try

Rice is not good just for your dinner! We are usually well-stocked with loads of this grain as even cooked following a simple recipe tastes delicious. However, if you find old rice left sitting in the kitchen cabinets don’t toss it! There are great alternative uses that you will definitely want to try. Keep it in handy – you never know when you will need it around the house! Read on and check out the unusual uses of rice! Read more

How to plan your day – best times to do household tasks

How to stay organized and clean your home daily

There are a lot of things that you should do everyday – probably your to-do-list is long and full of different tasks. In order to make planning your day easier, you can read on and see the best times for some of the most common tasks that have to be done. Check them out. Read more

How to achieve a minimalist appearance without sacrificing your style

Minimalistic design for your home

The choice of a minimalist style interior has many advantages. In minimalism one should be better careful with home details, but this does not mean that the room should look like a white box. Here are a few ideas on how to achieve a minimalist look, without sacrificing individuality and style of a room: Read more

How to make old clothes funny and original

Make something beautiful from old clothes and

If you look at your wardrobe you will see, that there are clothes that are nice, but already worn. You do not wear them, but you feel pity to throw them away. You can organize a woman’s wardrobe party and each of your girlfriends to bring some clothes to refresh and remodel them. Here are further details: Read more

The importance of hormonal balance for your diet

Diet for hormonal balance

The desire to reduce weight makes you follow a strict diet and have a lot of sport. It turns out that some foods, although diet, change the hormonal balance of the body. The truth lies in certain food products that regulate hormones in the body and help fight obesity. Here are more details: Read more

Health cares for your children

Grow healthy kidsHealthy habits are always formed in the child from a very early age. To teach the child a healthy diet is one of the first things that parents strive to teach their offspring. Good habits inherited from an early age contribute to the overall development of the child and make it a responsible person. Children need to be gently taught healthy habits, giving them the time and care to understand the importance of your task. Here are basic tips related to children’s health. In this way they will be able to care for themselves in old age. Read more

Do not throw away the peels of these fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetable peels - what you have to know about themMost of us do not think for a moment, when it comes to whether to peeling of a fruit or vegetable. Undoubtedly, there are nitrates and they are not negligible, but if you are sure of the origin of the product, find out more about the advantages of eating it with the peel. Check out these useful peelings from fruit and vegetables: Read more

How to choose an engagement ring

Engagement ring - tips and tricks how to  choose the right oneShopping and selecting an engagement ring is one of the most important occasions in the relationship between a man and a woman. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration, as this is one of the symbols of eternal love and relation of two people.  Exactly for this reason, we have compiled a guide to facilitate your search for an engagement ring – here is what you need to take into consideration:

Read more

Motivation according the “Do something” strategy

How to motivateThese days there are hundreds of articles containing advices about motivation, ambitions and purpose in life. What’s the reality, though? Most people are captured by everyday life and they only think how to earn money to cover their expenses. What happens however, if your only motivation is the salary? You are lost in the routine and all the things you do are coloured in grey nuances. Perhaps, there are little exceptions from this rule – the people of art. It’s hard to believe, that they are constantly inspired, but at least one thing’s sure – they really love what they do, they are creative and sometimes even extravagant. Well, let’s talk a little bit about motivation: Read more

Thematic wedding – some fresh and modern ideas for the perfect wedding

Ideas for thematic weddingThematic weddings enable fully expression of your lifestyle and values ​​as a couple. Not surprisingly, we can compare them with a walk in different styles, details, places, colors and sounds, tastes and flavors – a real gift for the senses. Check out some modern ideas for thematic weddings: Read more

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