Attention in the bathroom during the End of Tenancy Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning during end of tenancy cleaningEnd of Tenancy Cleaning demands a sophisticated approach. It is not only about being polite to your previous host by returning the property reputable and immaculate – the way you got it in the beginning.

It is also about returning your tenancy deposit and put an end to the tenant relationship with good manners.

So, that is why, you have to be extremely attentive during the End of tenancy refreshment operation. Make sure, that not even a single stain remains behind you and try to polish the surfaces perfectly and vigorously!

Meanwhile, we should also warn you that the bathroom area is the premise, which is examined and checked up in details. Here is where the remarks and the problems usually appear and make you say goodbye to your tenancy deposit.

To prevent the unpleasant surprises, we recommend you to use professional cleaning services for the bathroom (or for the entire house).

Pay attention to the bathroom during the End of Tenancy Cleaning and read our special tips for a successful mission:

  • Start from the ceiling and continue the top-to-bottom cleaning task in stages. End with the floor surfaces.

  • Use special non-toxic and disinfecting cleaning detergents that will kill microbes, reduce the mold, and remove the worst stains.

  • Wash and sanitize the toilet area and the tubes, so that they will be shiny and disinfected!

  • Sanitize the tiles and DE-scale properly – use baking soda, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide for perfect results!

  • Clean the bathroom cabins and make sure there are no remains from cosmetics, oils or other personal belongings reminding for your presence.

Clean thoroughly the bathroom area during the End of Tenancy Cleaning and test it on your own – if you are satisfied, then your host must be satisfied, as well!

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