Anorexia – worrisome symptoms

Symptoms of anorexia“Anorexic” in Greek literally means loss of appetite. The name does not accurately reflect the nature of the disease. Leading in this case is not a lack of appetite, but desire to achieve a perfection, no matter how horrific it seems in the eyes of others. There are a few typical deviations in behavior that are a clear signal for problem.

  • Diet without goals. Puberty is a period during when under the action of hormones, the bodies of the girls suddenly change. Then every bite in more starts to stick in their hips and thighs and they are concerned about their appearance. Many of them start a diet. In this case, however, they have set a clear goal – to lose 3 kilograms or to come in rather tight jeans. If the girl stops eating with no logical purpose, it is considered to be a symptom of anorexia. Girl-anorexic does not complain, on the contrary – starvation in her causes euphoria. She will be excited even to meet the end of tenancy cleaners.

  • Selection of products. To sit on the table with their family – it’s a real challenge for sufferers of anorexia. The girl begins to delve into the plate and separates products allowed and disallowed. Each bite is chewed endlessly and often hidden. Anorexic are not tempted by the type of food. Even some of them deliberately store various goodies in their room, because in this way they reinforce their sense control of the situation.

  • Hyperactivity. During the diet teenagers usually consider to have given everything from themselves and even the thought of sports tires. At the same time the girl anorexic is constantly in motion, deals actively with the sport, while that often leads to full exhaustion. An anorexic girl may cope with house cleaning in a flash of a second and she won’t feel tired at all.

The conflict between the inner world and reality is further pushing patients to actions that are able to destroy the relationship and trust in the family.

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