And the dirtiest place at home is…

The dirties place at homeThe toilet has always had the reputation as the dirtiest place in every average home, no matter how often we clean it. However a new research brings new light for this fact and the truth is… there are far dirtier places. Some of them we would never suspect they are.

Dr. Chuck Gerba – a Professor of Microbiology at the University of Arizona takes the research in his hands, investigating how the diseases are transmitted in the environment. Moreover – he makes a calculation how many and what kind of bacteria inhabit most of our household. Dr. Gerba pays the greatest attention in bacteria E.coli, which is the most common reason for infection. He founds out that the average toilet seat contains about 20 bacteria per square centimeter. “This is the cleanest place in terms of microorganisms – said Dr. Gerba – the conclusion is when it comes to germs, the toilet seat is the safest place”.

It turns out, that we should be more concerned about most of the other household items. “Usually there are about 200 times more fecal bacteria on an average cutting board than a toilet seat,” he said.

The dangerous bacteria occur on the chopping board when we cut meat. Inside the body of a dead animal there are quite a lot of those nasty staff. So we should clean it more often even than the toilet seat.

Dirtiest items in our home, however, are the kitchen sponge and cloth.
According to the professor, the dish-washing sponge contains about 4 million bacteria per square centimeter. On the cleaning cloth that number is smaller but also impressive – about 400 thousand per square centimeter. Let’s translate – the kitchen sponge is about 200 000 times dirtier than the toilet, while the kitchen cloth – 20 000 times.

Moreover – a study made in the households of nine different countries shows that 21% of what appears to be a clean kitchen cloth is actually full of bacteria. What is the conclusion? Replace sponges and cloths as often as possible.

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