All about mopping your floor

All yoy have to know about moppingMaybe you see mopping as a boring daily occurrence. But if you want to be an effective mopper, we have prepared something for you:

  • Choose the mop, depending on the type of your flooring. If it is with a lot of texture, take a rag mop or a classic white string. But if it is soft, a sponge mop will be suitable;

  • Prepare the floor first – before mopping, you definitely have to vacuum or sweep the floor thoroughly. This way you could “prewash” some gunky or sticky stains on the floor;

  • Fill the sink or a bucket – some people think that it’s more comfortable to use the sink instead of a bucket. If the water is too dirty, just wipe down the sink. Then begin mopping again. But the advantage of the bucket is that you can carry it along the path of the mop. The most important thing is to have some hot water and an appropriate disinfecting solution. Natural cleaning mixtures are good choice, in most cases. Extra mopping is not good at all – it will only leave some residues on the floor.

  • Dip and wring out, but keep in mind that too much water could damage the floor. Or it will need much more time to dry;

  • Mopping – remember that floor cleaning should be done from the top to the bottom of the room. So you will always stand on a dry floor to prevent tracking. If you have a sponge mop, you should mop in straight lines. In order to use the design of the rag mop in the best way, mop in a figure eight shape;

  • Rinse and wring – rinse the mop often. When the water is too dirty, change it. Use a cleaning rag or a paper towel to reach some edges or corners. When you finish mopping, rinse the mop and the bucket. Let them dry. Let the floor dry completely, too.

Some of the floors need different sanitising care. So be aware of your floor type and be careful how you treat it. For example, domestic cleaners advice is – never use ammonia or vinegar on concrete floors! Choose a dish soap or mild cleanser. Don’t forget that this kind of flooring needs concrete polishing, too! It’s very important for the good look and long lifespan of your unique concrete flooring.

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