After party cleaning

After party cleaningParties at home may sound to you as a great and awesome idea to gather your entire gang and all of your friends at one place with no concerns for reservations and expenses for posh and expensive restaurants, although you will always have to organize such a home event with the after party in mind.
By after party, we do not mean the continuation of the celebration in the early hours of the morning, but your single party with the mess in your house.
After party cleaning is tiring and long-lasting process and the fact that is usually performed after a wild and amazingly funny night makes the entire operation truly unpleasant. To ease you in this situation, we are offering a quick checklist for after party cleaning:

  • Collect the trash first. Gather the empty bottles, boxes, and throw them away to clean and free the air for the general cleaning.
  • Get rid of the food and the drinks that cannot be used anymore. Save some bites for the dinner, when you are going to be too exhausting to prepare something for eating.
  • Remove all of the decors or theme ornaments of your party and store them – you may need them one day again.
  • Do the dishes in order to finish with the specific tasks of the after party cleaning, and, now you may proceed with the general cleaning duties.
  • Clean the floor with wet mop and a sweep. Vacuum the furniture from dust and cigarettes and use some salt or vinegar for fresh stains. Continue with soft dish washing soap and remove the grease form the cloth and the curtains.
  • Clean and polish each of the pieces of furniture – there is now way for them to be still as clean as they welcomed the guests the previous night.

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