After Carpet cleaning – what’s next?

After Carpet cleaning It is good and recommended to maintain your beautiful carpets in nice, hygienic and fresh condition. For this purpose you need to be aware of the most appropriate cleansing solution that will fit your rug structure, material, design and situation in the living environment. For instance, rugs in high traffic areas deserve some extra attention and more sanitising efforts. Though, washing is not enough.

  There are things you need to do after the carpet cleaning procedure. See what they are:

  • Make sure the carpet has dried up. The worst thing that can happen to your brand new or luxurious rug is to soak the water or the liquid cleansing product for hours. As a matter of fact, even few minutes of humidity are bad. Set up all fans you have at home and use them to reduce the time for drying. If the wet areas are too harsh, use the hair drier.
  • Once you have removed the stain or you have just finished the regular carpet refreshment process, open all the windows in your house – if it is not too freezing outside, of course. Also, another option is to turn the air-conditioner on, but on the heat function. This will help the drying process and it will also reduce the bad humidity in the air you breathe at home, too.
  • If you have requested professional treatment, ask your steam carpet cleaners about the time you need to wait. They are experts and they will tell you, when exactly your rug will be wearable again.
  • Do not walk with dirty shoes, slippers and even socks on the carpet, when the sanitising process is done. Let the fibres breathe for a while and do not step upon them. Also, it is not very clever to spoil the rug 5 minutes after the end of this exhausting washing operation.
  • Let the furniture aside for a while, as well. Even though you have rearranged them in order to free some space for the house cleaning, leave them where they are. If you put them back on the rug, while it is too wet, you are threatened by carpet ghosts.
  • When you think the time for drying has ended, vacuum the carpet for an extra hygienic result!

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