A winter garden – fresh idea for the cold days

Home winter gardenIf you own a beautiful house with a yard, but the cold weather does not allow you to enjoy the beautiful green colours, the winter garden is a good alternative for you. Nowadays the conservatory is a building that is designed with modern equipment, various materials and new technologies. Winter garden is a complex architectural project that catches everyone’s eyes.

Conservatory incorporates several key elements: vertical glazing, transparent roof, and opening parts: windows and doors. Each element of the conservatory is made of a special material.

The roofs are paid the biggest attention. They are formed as complex geometric structures. Making a winter garden you must estimate the snowdrifts, wind direction and geographical location. Read more:

  1. Greenhouses are suitable for: These types of conservatories are perfect for indoor swimming pool; mini mall; private botanical garden with a lot of exotic plants or whatever you want. Modern conservatories are made by modular systems that can satisfy almost every taste and imagination.
  2. Purpose and type of the heating:  Buffer – uninhabited and unheated rooms. This could be balconies or vestibules; Porch – seasonally habitable, unheated, almost unfurnished; Seasonal winter garden – seasonally inhabited, partially heated, poorly furnished; Living “winter garden” – permanently habitable, fully heated, and furnished; Greenhouse – almost uninhabitable, partially heated, not furnished, landscaped.
  3. Position to a house or building: Winter Garden in the house – attached to one or two walls of the building; Built in the house – it’s located in the territory of the building.
  4. Form: The ideal size of the conservatory is 15 m² and a height of 3 meters. The reason for this is that there must be plants, furniture and free space. The shape may be square, polygonal or even circular – modern design.
  5. Built conservatories: The most common and cheapest option for attached conservatory is the rectangular shape with a flat roof. A building with an integrated conservatory has a special charisma. In this case, the winter garden becomes an aesthetic and functional center of the home, based on the architectural style.

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