9 surprising uses of rice you should totally try!

Smart uses of rice you have to try

Rice is not good just for your dinner! We are usually well-stocked with loads of this grain as even cooked following a simple recipe tastes delicious. However, if you find old rice left sitting in the kitchen cabinets don’t toss it! There are great alternative uses that you will definitely want to try. Keep it in handy – you never know when you will need it around the house! Read on and check out the unusual uses of rice!

  • Maybe you have heard that you can save your wet electronic device by placing it in a bowl full of rice. If your small gadget gets a little wet don’t start panicking – the rice will absorb the excessive moisture. Leave it overnight and as long as the accidental spill wasn’t fatal, you will save your device!
  • Cleaning unusually shaped bottles and vases can be a real pain. Unfortunately, we don’t have super flexible tiny hands but we can still do something about the dirty vase. Put few tablespoons of rice in the bottle, fill a little bit of warm water and let it sit for a couple of minutes. After that start shaking the bottle, pour out the filthy water and rinse thoroughly – now you have your unusually-shaped item freshly-cleaned! You didn’t know that your favourite grain can help you in the domestic cleaning too, did you?
  • In humid areas it is really common the salt to start clumping. Prevent your salt shaker from having clumps by adding few grains of rice in it. They will absorb the excessive moisture and allow salt to come out freely.
  • Spice and coffee grinders can be easily cleaned with the help of rice! We heard this one from professionals in end of tenancy cleaning – after you have removed as much as you can from the debris, put rice and run it through the grinder. A lot of the build up will be absorbed leaving your grinder fresh. An interesting fact is that reputable coffee roasters use this trick, too!
  • Baking the perfect pie crust is a challenge even for the most skillful cooks – don’t spend pounds on pie weights when you can use rice instead! Put a piece of tin foil on the unfilled crust and pour some rice over so it covers the pastry completely. Don`t toss the rice after that – simply save it for later use. Blind baking was never so easy – this inexpensive method will make your pie crust perfect every time!
  • Did you know that you can speed up the fruit ripening process with the help of rice? You don`t have to wait ages till the avocado is good for you favourite guacamole – speed up the process by placing the fruit in a bowl full of rice and check it occasionally so you don`t let it overripe. The best part is that the rice is still good for cooking afterwards – make Mexican rice to pair your guacamole!
  • Making a relieving compress to soothe aches and pains is another great use of rice – all you need is a cup of the grain and a clean sock. Fill the sock leaving enough room so you can easily adjust the compress on your body and tie it tightly with a string. If you need a hot compress, microwave the sock for a minute or two and place it on the wanted area. If you need a cold compress toss it in the freezer for about an hour – this soothing pack does miracles!
  • Save your tools from nasty rust by adding some rice in your toolbox. As rust is formed when metal is exposed to oxygen and moisture, you can absorb the excess humidity with rice – your tools will be dry, shiny and rust-free!
  • Another incredible use of rice is to get your skin glowing by washing your face with rice water. All you have to do is take out the extra water when you are cooking the rice so it`s not drowning in it and let it cool. It can be used up to three days kept in the refrigerator! For best results choose water of brown rice – use a face washcloth to apply it and rinse afterwards. As brown rice contains a lot of vitamin E it will provide your skin with amazing glow!

So what do you think? There’s no need to worry when you forget some rice in the pantry – with these 9 uses of rice you can choose an alternative and make the best without wasting the product!

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