9 mandatory questions during a property view

Property viewBefore going on a property view, consider what you look for and what you are ready to pay for. The estate agents are always so polite to explain you all of the renting details. On the other side, being deluded, confused or deceived is very easy! Do not let this happen to you, because you rent a place to live in after all. See the 9 mandatory questions during a property view. Mention them in any property examining case:

  • What is the price? – Of course, before going on a property view. Probably your agent has already told you the price. However, the landlord might like you. This will definitely make him tell you another different price.

  • What are the faults? – When you are direct and ask the landlord for the cons in the property, he will get surprised. In most cases, he tells you sprightly the truth.

  • When was the last renovation? – There are very clever homeowners, who could make a total disastrous house to look stylish in an hour. They will book professional carpet treatment and you will never see the cracks on the floor!

  • Who were the last renters and why did they leave? – Some of you may not want to live in a place, where students used to party all night long, right?

  • Why do you sell or give for rent? – The background story of the property and the personal landlord’s story will tell you a lot!

  • What are the special bonuses? – Ask for them on mandatory! Even if they don’t exist, you will hear the pros of the property!

  • What is the heating system? – The heating bills are usually the highest. Getting informed about them, you will know, if you can afford to inhabit this place.

  • Are there any additional taxes? – If you will live on rent, ask about things like obligatory tenancy cleaners’ visitation in the end, the deposit and etc. If you buy, ask for the VAT and other similar charges.

  • How about the neighbours? – Do we even need to explain why this thing matters?

If you need, write these questions down, but do not miss any of these questions during the initial property check!

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