8 Things That Boost Your Mood

How to boost your mood

We all have our ups and downs and we secretly envy those people who always seem happy or at least pretend to be. If you have been feeling under the weather recently, you must have a pretty good reason for that. The manager did not approve the project you have been working on for months, you failed an exam or you have hard times getting along with your family? All these factors can cause anxiety, but the sooner you realise there is no point in worrying about things you cannot change, the better. Just grin and bear it. You will definitely have a chance to prove your skills at work, you can re-sit that exam in a few months, you can talk to the people who make you stress out about your relations, etc. Meanwhile, you can try the tips below and improve your mood. So put a smile on and let’s get started:

  • Give a call to an old friend and visit a fancy restaurant. It has been scientifically proven that those who eat their favourite food are much happier than those who always keep track of calories. On the downside, if you do this ‘therapy’ for a week straight, you might gain a few pounds but that’s another matter. The important thing now is to boost your mood. If you wish so, you can also hit the sales and buy an item you have always wanted to have – shopping is a way of relieving your stress, too.
  • Make a home improvement. The squeaky door is driving you crazy? Fix it. The garden looks neglected? Mow the lawn or hire somebody to do that on your behalf. Take care of the potted flowers, the overgrown hedges and the patio furniture. In other words, set your piece of paradise.
  • As for the house interior, you can take up a more massive project and re-paint your bedroom in your favourite colour. Hire a painting contractor in order to save yourself the unnecessary hassle. Blue, lilac, yellow, green, brown or any other combination – it is largely up to you.
  • Since a very early age, you have been reminded about the importance of being helpful and sympathetic towards other people’s problems. Now, when you feel bad, you can take some actions and help someone in need. Check the opportunities available in your community. Clean up your wardrobe and donate all clothes you don’t intend to wear. Visit a pet shelter and take care of the homeless puppies and cats, spend some time abroad volunteering and helping people in need. The options are basically endless.
  • Keep track of the good things that happened to your during the day. All too often people concentrate solely on the negative stuff. In the evening, they remember the rude sales associate in the supermarket or the unpleasant manager – employee conversation. Instead of focusing on these things, write down all good things that had happened to you. This might be a lunch with a friend, the co-operative bank clerk, the old lady you helped to get on the bus, the nice chat with a co-worker, etc.
  • Sometimes, you just need to switch off from the rest of the world and that’s not weird or unacceptable at all. Allow yourself to go with the flow. Take a few days off and spend them doing absolutely nothing apart from relaxing. Read a good book, go to a place you have never been, visit relatives in the countryside. Don’t forget that good music should be your companion during your mini-escape from reality.
  • Even if you are not really keen on sports, exercising can help you boost your mood. No matter if you go to the gym or you just wake up one hour earlier to go jogging in the nearest park, you will feel refreshed and full of energy once your workout is over. In addition, you will feel better when you see the positive effect exercising has on your body. Even if you don’t lose many pounds, you will tone up your body and you will look happier and healthier.
  • Aromatherapy has been used as a stress reliever for quite some time. So, pick up your favourite essential oil and add a few drops when you take a bath. You can also make your own air-freshener. Add a few drops of essential oil to a bowl of rice and leave in the bathroom. If you wish, you can buy several different essential oils and make a air freshener for each room.

These were some proven methods for boosting your mood and enjoying life. When it comes to your happiness, don’t make compromises and remember, if you have a positive attitude, your problem is half solved.

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