7 unexpected uses of drinking straws

7 unexpected uses of drinking strawsHave you ever thought about any additional uses of straws, besides drinking? These seemingly ordinary household items may come in handy in various situations. Just use your imagination! Take a look at our ideas:

  1. Stem Firmer – when you prepare a bouquet of flowers, you can make the blooms more stable by adding soft stems, like tulips. Before you place them in a vase, you should insert the stems into a wide straw;

  1. Pit cherries fast – create a special ‘pit removal’ tool, using drinking straws. First, pluck off the cherry stem, then take a thick straw and push it through the top and out the bottom. That way you will force the pit inside the straw and the fruit will not lose its shape;

  1. Hull strawberries – let’s go on with the fruit topic. In case you want to impress your guests and serve strawberry ‘hearts’, you can apply the same technique used for pitting cherries. Simply push the drinking straw through the fruit;

  1. Avoid jewelry tangles – prevent your delicate necklaces from knotting, thanks to the ordinary drinking straws. All you need to do is feed the chain through a straw. If it’s necessary you may cut the tube in half. Then just close the clasp and that’s all. That idea is useful when you are about to travel or to move out, for instance. If you are a tenant, then you know that packing is as much important as the inevitable overall sanitising of the house. When it comes to the latter, you can always seek help from the post tenancy cleaners;

  1. Keep your food fresh – it’s widely-known that food leftovers spoil faster if there is some air trapped inside the bag. So you need to suck it out with a drinking straw. When you are ready, seal the bag up and your meal will last for longer;

  1. Save the wine – we know that it happens all the time: you open your bottle of wine and cork pieces accidentally fall into it. Nobody likes that, right? Use a drinking straw to fish the crumbles out. However, you must be careful not to stain your furniture or floorings. If you somehow do it, we think that steam carpet cleaning is the best decision for you;

  1. Flavor your water – start with closing the straw bottom by taping it. After that, fill it with a dry drink mix such as iced tea or a juice. Use a funnel for that purpose. When you are done, you have to bend and tape down the top of the straw. Now you can enjoy your favourite beverage when you are on the move. So easy…and cheap!

You can always take advantage of our suggestions. You can even ‘invent’ more clever uses of the straws! And why not include them in some DIY projects as well?

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