6 cancer-fighting foods to include in your menu

6 cancer-fighting foodsAre you aware that what you eat for dinner influences on how you feel 15 minutes later? In addition, it can make a difference in the long run too. It’s scientifically proven that consuming more vegetables, fruits and whole grains is a great plan for cancer prevention. Besides, there are some foods which provide extra protection. Check out our smart checklist of 6 cancer-fighting items to add to your shopping cart:

  • Grapefruit. This super healthy and juicy citrus fruit is full of vitamin C, which prevents the formation of cancer-causing compounds. Do you love grapefruits? Now you have one more reason to consume them more frequently.

  • Tomatoes. Their red colour is given by lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant. It’s already proven, that this element can prevent endometrial, lung and breast cancer from spreading. Be careful with tomatoes, but in case of some red stains on your sofa or armchair, call the local upholstery cleaners for help.

  • Ginger. No matter if it’s dried or fresh, ginger has amazing antioxidant features. They help in cancer prevention, according to recent research.

  • Tea. Do you know that regular sippers (black, green, white, oolong tea) are less endangered of cancers (such as colon, breast, lung and ovarian). You intend to start deep tenancy cleaning procedure? Drink a cup of tea firstly!

  • Berries. Keep in mind, that all kinds of berries contain ellagic acid. Actually, research show that raspberries and strawberries are the best in blocking cancers of the skin, lungs, bladder, breasts and esophagus.

  • Whole grains. In case you are healthy eating fan, you definitely have included whole grains in your menu. Corn, oatmeal, brown rice contain big amount of fiber, which is responsible to decrease colorectal cancer risk.

All these foods are wonderful for your body. They are natural and super healthy, so don’t hesitate to consume them regularly.

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