5 wonderful suggestions for home spring plants

Home spring plantsSpring is a good occasion to refresh your living environment. The sunlight, the arrival of the new life of the nature and the amazing weather are great inspirations for some little addition for your house decoration. And aren’t the real flowers the best ideas for some spring ornamenting of the living space?

See 5 wonderful suggestions for home spring plants and choose your favourite one to add some colours, green line and freshness to your domestic atmosphere:

  • Hyacinths in a contemporary minimalistic pot are great options for your living room. It may be also added to your country-styled or provincial kitchen in pink or yellow. The beautiful purple flowers are both – simple and stylish. Also, they last long and they do not require lots of cares. Perfect for you, isn’t it?

  • Fill an old, but renovated with some charming decoration open-weave basket with spring cyclamen. The idea is original and unique. It is not as banal as a traditional flower pot, but really gorgeous and appropriate for all the premises in your house. We suggest you to place it on a table – the dining table, the kitchen plot or the coffee table. Thus, the cyclamen will get the direct sunlight. After you finish with your spring cleaning you will see your home as beautiful it is!

  • Yellow bloom with over 16 blue irises is superb, stylish and appropriate for an elegant spring addition to your home decoration. Make sure the vessel is trendy and keep in mind that these types of flowers demand some more attention and cares. Dung and pour them regularly.

  • Daffodil delight captured in a Vintage-styled pot with ribbons and girlish ornaments is cute, affordable and easy to care for. This miniature blossoming decor is an awesome option for skipping the purchases of expensive items for beautifying the house. Besides – the Daffodils smell great!

  • A couple of charming primulas may be kept in a retro or contemporary wooden planter. You can even make your own pot by using old box. Wrap it with sateen tapes and stick some seaside decors – summer is close, too!

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Georgia says:

Nice post! Spring is my favourite season and some fresh flowers would look great in every home. 🙂

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