5 places that need daily disinfection

5 places that need daily disinfectionNobody likes cleaning – especially everyday cleaning! And if you are one of those homeowners, who prefer thorough top-to-bottom sanitising procedures per season, we have news for you!

There are 5 places that need daily disinfection. If you underestimate them, you may slightly forget about the snugness you have promised your spouse to provide. You may also start worrying over your kid’s health. In short, put these agenda chores in your list and feel comfortable about your living space:

  1. Beds. This is the quickest task in the morning. You may think that skipping it will save you 5 minutes not to be late for work. Though, such a time-saving practice will cause more problems. Dirty and messy bed attracts bugs. They cause allergic reactions and after all – is your messy bedroom convenient enough to predispose you for relaxation in the evening? As to the disinfection – wipe, use essentials oils and borax to kill the germs!

  2. Kitchen utensils. From the least spoon to the most giant cooking gadget, these home items must be kept in a perfect hygiene. You prepare and consume food with them, don’t you? Don’t they revolt you, when they are sticky, dirty and fatty?

  3. Tables. Whether you eat on them, spread your office papers for some extra job after work or you play games with the kids, tables need good disinfection! Get a universal detergent, which is both – eco-friendly and effective to reduce the germs.

  4. Carpet. We do not mean deep and sophisticated carpet treatment that includes professional steam vacuuming and applying special products. The daily maintenance of the rugs includes vacuuming and checking for stains and trash you have brought to home from the outdoors. If your carpet is delicate, avoid moisture-based solutions, but find a proper powder for bad odour removal and bacteria elimination.

  5. Electric devices. Few minutes in dusting will not kill you, but they will help your gadgets work for longer. Once the dust gets inside a TV set, DVD system or any other similar device, it is threatened of damage.

Prudently do these chores daily and you will be also able to secure an eventual tenancy cleaning. Probably, you are aware how exhausting and long-lasting it might be. Help yourself in advance!


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