100% satisfaction after End of Tenancy Cleaning

100% satisfaction after End of Tenancy CleaningEnd of Tenancy Cleaning is a deep, top-to-bottom, and precise cleaning procedure that includes all of the premises. This type of cleaning has some special accents – such as the kitchen, the bathroom and the area around the bed. On the other hand, End of Tenancy Cleaning is not a standard Cleaning operation such as the On off Cleaning or Spring Cleaning (or even any other Seasonal Cleaning).

Examination and assessment of your efforts or the efforts of the professional cleaning company you have chosen, are key features of End of Tenancy Cleaning. Your personal landlord has the toll. In case you fail, you do not receive your tenancy deposit back and some bad consequences may even occur – compensations or taxes. 100% satisfaction after the End of Tenancy Cleaning, though, is completely attainable, possible, and affordable. To achieve such a result, follow our tips:

  • Hoover, mop, and polish the floor. Just a broom is not enough here, so make sure no fatty stain or too much dust from your walking in shoes at home may be observed.

  • Clean in details – wipe and dry the furniture, but clean the cabinets and the cupboards, for instance, inside, too.

  • Use the vacuum-cleaner for the mattresses and wash them, if it is necessary. Put the curtains in the laundry, if they are not too delicate. In case the curtains are fine, clean them with wet cloths.

  • Clean the mirrors and the glass furniture together. Use vinegar for old stains and ordinary cleaning detergent to refresh them. Dry with newspapers to avoid stripes and fatty remains.

  • Remove the cobwebs and the dust. In case there is mold somewhere in the lodging, get rid of it with vinegar, baking soda or borax.

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