10 Chinese rules for proper nutrition

Chinese healthy eating rulesYou have heard about feng shui, right? This ancient Chinese art is so «imposed» lately, that more and more people are turning to it, ordering the furniture at home or even trying to stabilize their career. In fact the idea of ​​living in a harmonious atmosphere is not bad at all. And sometimes, for this to happen, you must first find harmony in yourself and in your own body and soul. Lately a lot of people argue that Feng Shui is their faithful helper in the fight against excess weight. So we decided to share with you some Chinese rules about how to eat.

  1. Eat only when you feel hunger and eat in small portions. Ask your maids if they follow this rule.
  2. Diversify your daily menu as much as possible.
  3. Eat more fresh and unprocessed food. And do not forget that raw fruits and vegetables are our most faithful friends.
  4. Choose foods from local production – they are typical of the region and have been grown locally.
  5. Prefer seasonal products.
  6. Stick to the beautiful appearance of the food you eat and try your dish to contain as many products with different colors, but also that these colors blend harmoniously.
  7. The dish is a combination of strong but compatible flavors. There should be no dominant flavor.
  8. The aroma of the food is not of less importance. If you do not like it, better not try it at all. However, even if you hate spring cleaning, you have to do it, because it’s mandatory for your healthy living.
  9. Feeling of calmness and peace of mind is very important. If we are in a bad mood, it will certainly affect the eating.
  10. Our body knows best what we need, so we should listen more often to its signals.

Do you agree with these rules? Share your own opinion!

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